Are You Stressed And At The End Of Your Rope? Filing Bankruptcy Might Be The Answer

While the mainstream media keeps reporting a banner recovery year for the US, most Americans are seeing things a little bit differently than the press. Americans are being financially squeezed to the point of no return. Last year, the government increased the payroll tax taking away spending dollars from the middle class. Added to that, Obamacare went into effect at the beginning of 2014 further reaffirming a lack of funds for most Americans. As the press keeps downplaying all of these hits on the middle class, the truth shows in the dismal financial reports of the big-box stores nationwide. It has nothing to do with bad weather, but more like a bad economy. Americans are starting to wake up to the reality that this is not going to end well. Big-time economists like Marc Faber have come out with brazen comments saying that the economy is going to collapse in 2014. Dr. Doom and Gloom also predicted the financial crisis in 2007 and doesn’t seem very far off the mark from what’s coming in near future in my opinion.

For all of those wearing the rose colored glasses and refuse to see the truth that the US is on the verge of bankruptcy and in no way is in any kind of recovery, just need to take a look at the facts. First of all, nationwide housing sales are in a steady decline over the last year. Zero Hedge reported 20% of the buyers under the age of 33 have delayed any home purchases because of the outstanding student debt. Second, student loan debt has now created its own bubble by surpassing $1 trillion. Because there’s no jobs, many young adults are doubling down and staying in school longer so they don’t have to pay on this unsustainable debt. When they finally leave college, they find out their way overqualified to take any job that might be available. Thirdly, in a recent study it came out that 40% of Americans could not come up with $2000 for an emergency. Taking that further, less than 25% of US citizens have enough money saved up to cover six months expenses. These facts show that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and on the verge of a bankruptcy filing. Since the market virtually collapsed back in 2007, the two big to fail banks have been using smoke and mirrors to give the appearance of a recovery. The federal reserve, that has neither anything to do with the federal government or any kind of reserves, has been printing trillions of dollars to put liquidity back in the markets showing a phony recovery. For anyone that doesn’t believe it, all they have to do is look up quantitative easing and find out for themselves.

With these times getting darker and darker, the middle-class really needs to take an inventory on what is important in their lives and if necessary file bankruptcy to get out from under debt. While nobody really wants to file for bankruptcy sometimes it’s unavoidable. Many people in the process of filing bankruptcy find themselves overwhelmed with stress but it’s no worse than the anxiety felt prior to filing. It’s common for people to consider the process an emotional one. It’s easy for a bankruptcy attorney to tell their clients not to worry, but to the person it feels like the whole world is crashing down around them. Common feelings include despair, failure, depression and anger. Many couples find themselves fighting about who’s at fault for the financial failure. At this time, they should be working together to get through the problem that many end up getting divorced.

For someone filing bankruptcy there are many ways to eliminate the stress of the process. The first is taking a walk. Many people hate going to the gym so it’s just as easy to take a walk around the block. It’s amazing how fresh air will clear someone’s head and just getting the blood pumping from the walk will get rid of some of that anxiety. Another thing to do is to listen to music. It sounds primal but music relaxes many people. For those that like rock, crank it up. For those that have access to a jacuzzi, hot water will relax the person from the stress of the bankruptcy filing. Sometimes this will make a person be able to relax the tenseness of their muscles and get some sleep. Lastly, do something productive like the laundry, wash your car or any other mindless chore. This will give a person a sense of accomplishment and take their mind off of their financial problems that led to filing bankruptcy. The best news is once the discharge comes in the mail, you can be rest assured that these financial troubles are over and new chapter in their lives is about to begin.